Our History

The Courtlands Residents' Association was formed in 2007 as a consequence of the concerns of the residents and with the formation of the Watford Community Housing Trust. The Residents' Association provides a focal point for communication between the Council, Police, Housing Trust and the residents through the forum of regular public meetings, newsletters and, now, this website. In addition, the Association would be the coordinating body for the encouragement of activities within the community to foster goodwill and neighbourliness amongst its residents.


Our Aims

The aims of the Association shall be to carry out any charitable activities that will benefit all residents of the area represented.  To help to do this, the Association will have the following powers:


  • To represent the interests of, and promote membership to, all the residents within the defined area.
  • To promote the rights of residents and to encourage them to become more actively involved.
  • To work towards improving the quality of life for local people and their community and the way the Council delivers and manages local services.
  • To assist and promote social activities for recreation and enjoyment, and encourage a community spirit and sense of responsibility.
  • To promote equal opportunities, valuing diversity and to work for good relations among all members of the community.
  • To regularly consult and inform all of its members.
  • To be non-party political.

A full copy of the Constitution is here but key aspects are listed below for ease of reference.

Do you live in our area?



The defined geographical area that the Association covers is:


  • Chilcott Road,
  • Comyne Road,
  • Courtlands Close,
  • Courtlands Drive,
  • Desmond Road,
  • Gammons Farm Close,
  • Gammons Lane (from junction with Courtlands Drive to junction with Leaford Crescent),
  • Goodwood Avenue,
  • Greenbanks,
  • Hamden Way,
  • Hemingford Road,
  • Hopwood Close,
  • Hudson Close
  • Leadbetter Drive,
  • Lebanon Close,
  • Minerva Drive,
  • Mulberry Close
  • Ridgeway (West side only),
  • Rosebriar Walk,
  • Rosecroft Drive,
  • Silver Dell.
  • Strangeways,
  • The Drive,
  • Wimborne Grove.





Membership of the Association shall be open to all residents within the defined area of the Association. Every member shall have an equal vote. Specific interest groups will be encouraged and supported by the Association.


Associate membership is open to those who do not live in the Association area but who are interested in helping the Association to achieve its aims.  The Committee will decide whether to grant associate member status, and whether or not to grant associate member voting rights as and when it occurs.


Equal Opportunities

The Association will seek to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment of all those it comes into contact with.


The Association will actively seek to represent the needs of all groups and must not discriminate on the grounds of nationality, political opinion, race, religious opinion, sex, sexuality or disability