Welcome to the Courtlands Residents' Assoiciation

The Courtlands Residents association covers the Courtlands area of Watford, for more information on the area we cover, click here.


For the latest information on the Association and to see what we are planning, like and follow us on Facebook.com/CourtlandsRA

The aims of the Association shall be to carry out any charitable activities that will benefit all residents of the area represented.  To help to do this, the Association will have the following powers:


  • To represent the interests of, and promote membership to, all the residents within the defined area.
  • To promote the rights of residents and to encourage them to become more actively involved.
  • To work towards improving the quality of life for local people and their community and the way the Council delivers and manages local services.
  • To assist and promote social activities for recreation and enjoyment, and encourage a community spirit and sense of responsibility.
  • To promote equal opportunities, valuing diversity and to work for good relations among all members of the community.
  • To regularly consult and inform all of its members.
  • To be non-party political.